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What is Palena in your pocket

"Palena. Nature's treasure trove" is the title of the previous guide on Palena. For over 10 years it served its purpose, providing a big contribution to getting to know the territory. The depleted stocks coincided with the need to renew the formula, adapting it to the now widespread presence of the internet and modern consultation tools.

"Palena in your pocket", intended to be more than in-depth historical research, a tool to accompany the tourist, simple and schematic. The addition of a website with the most extensive and implementable content and a substantial reference list, allows us to explore the themes and develop new research. Moreover, the realisation of a new tourist guide in paper form, as part of a wider campaign to promote the territory - that bears the name of Palena in your pocket - it's  our duty on behalf of tourists, visitors and the citizens of Palena, that we  make you part of so much "beauty". Following the above principles, we have directed our energies towards the creation of a product that would be easy to read and consult, manageable in size, eye-catching in design, a guide consisting of information cards organized by thematic routes, which can be read standing in front of the monument, or at home whilst planning a holiday in Palena.  The contents are easy to read and are meant for the visitor, but also for all those who wish to venture into the study of the history and art of Palena, supported by the ultimate reference list. A versatile publication which cannot contain the whole history and beauty of our town, but is an invitation to visit with your own eyes and experience with your own senses the beauty of this place.

Palena, 13/07/2014
The Mayor
Domenico Parente

Palena is a small village in the province of Chieti, a mountain reality animated by a little less than 1,500 inhabitants. Palena has been a microlaboratory for national history: the saints, hermits, warriors, kings, but also artists, writers, craftsmen who have given life to the history and culture of this place.

A visitor who wants to embrace in a single glance all this beauty - to be understood in the broadest sense of the term - needs a tool easy to read, concise in content but at the same time detailed. Palena in your pocket is the answer to this need.

Palena in your pocket a tool that goes beyond the traditional system of book guides and wants to accompany the visitor to discover the region.  A guide divided into reference cards to consult following recommended thematic routes, or  even develop your own personal itinerary.

The guide provides essential information to understanding the local culture in its many forms, and is part of a larger promotion and research project.

Connected to the guide there are:

  • Posters with informative captions, maps and main points of interest of the territory;
  • A new internet platform - accessible through the URL - that includes everything from detailed text and photo galleries.The Internet platform can also be accessed through QR-codes placed on billboards, readable by specific applications for smartphones, for free download from various stores (Apple store, google play store and windows store).

Palena in your pocket puts thousands of years of history in your hands, culture and traditions, a place to live, experience and love.

Download the bibliographical notes here.

The trails

Five suggested itineraries to deepen the knowledge of the important aspects of the historic and natural heritage that Palena offers.

The birdy of Palena in your pocket

The small bird is a recurring motif in the ceramics of Palena

The logo of Palena in your pocket came from a fragment of a plate found in a furnace near the Ducal Castle, where the design of a small bird with a long tail seems to glide to the ground.  It was so impressive not only because it was beautiful and realistic, but because the symbol seemed perfectly fitting to the intention of bringing together the many shades of cultural, historical and natural values.
We then came across a piece written by Hermann Hesse "Tale of Love" which describes the metamorphosis of a bird with these words:

"Happiness?" said the beautiful bird and laughed with his golden beak, "happiness, my friend, is everywhere, on mountains and in valleys, flowers and crystals." With these words the carefree bird shook its feathers, stretched its neck, waved its tail, eyes narrowed, it laughed one last time and then sat motionless, sat in the grass, and here, the bird had become a colorful flower, feathers had turned into leaves, nails into roots. In the glory of color, dance and splendors, the bird had become a plant.

The poem seems to capture the sense of our ceramic bird, which symbolizes the whole of nature and even more: our bird represents the art, the nature and tradition of Palena and the entire territory of the High Aventine